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Whining can be occurring because of -
- Attention seeking (to get treats, toys etc. from you)
- Excitement - when your dog is greeting you
- Appeasement (wanting to pacify or avoid conflict).
With this, your dogs tail will be often tucked in under their body, which is lowered, with their head down also and eyes averted. [Read More…]

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Dogs with a fixation on cats -
Use a deep guttural “Bah!” and clap of hands (if able) as soon as you see your dogs behaviour modify, to when their body stiffens and their pupils dilate (wide eyed). ‘Ranting/screaming’ at your dog or physically handling them when they are in this state will only heighten the excited energy present.
You may need to train your dog to be relatively calm on a lead first in front of cats. [Read More…]

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With more dogs being out and about in this Spring weather, I thought I’d just say, “Your dog does not need to be a ‘Social Butterfly.’”
We/Society seem to expect our dogs to be ’sociable’                 
with all other dogs but you can simply smile at the other owner and walk on by 🙂
Do you yourself stop and shake hands with everyone you meet on the street?
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant, Dogs Best Friend.

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Here is some useful advice in regards to children and dogs interacting.
- Children are more likely to be attacked by a dog they know. Supervision is key, do not be complacent, dogs are not fluffy babysitters. [Read More…]

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Mouthing in puppies -
Firstly, do not play any games with your dog that involve putting your hands into their mouth, chasing them or allowing them to jump all over you.
DO NOT alpha roll (forcefully rolling your pup onto their back) or scruff. This can lead to a fear of hands and so hand biting. [Read More…]