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Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dogs stealing food!

With this being the season of family gatherings -
Let’s look at your dog’s stealing food from the table.
Dogs steal food because -
- Food has been given to them when they are begging at the table and they are coming back for more.
- Your dog is bored - make sure they are getting out and and about exercising and have sufficient mental stimulation. [Read More…]

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Dog Behaviour. Signs of Stress in Dogs. Christmas Stress.

There is a lot of stress around at the moment and this can be affecting your dog also.
Signs of Stress in Dogs -
There are many different signs that your dog can be showing that he or she are a bit stressed. *Importantly, when checking through the list below, it is still about the big picture and that it is always advisable to undertake a thorough Veterinary examination to rule out an medical issue. [Read More…]

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Dog Training. Dog Behaviour. Dog’s Jumping Up.

Dogs Jumping Up -
Always give your dog the opportunity to ‘Do Good’ and ask for a ‘Sit.’
Do not raise your voice or move your arms as both will stimulate your dog more.
Instead, have visitors fold their arms and turn around away from him/her.
Visitors should not push your dog down/away as this ends up creating a rebound effect, with them coming back again to get this attention. [Read More…]

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Dog Training. Teaching the command ‘Quiet’

Teaching the command “Quiet!”
When your dog is barking, growl a stern and guttural “Bah!”*
Then, the instant they ARE quiet, say quiet and praise heavily. You could also reward with something high value - such as dried liver pieces or some crumbs of cheese, both being stronger smelling, so usually more attractive to dogs.
Once the word association has been achieved, you can work on varying the length of the time, before you give your dog the treat for being quiet. [Read More…]

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Dog Behaviour. What is a Dog Behavioural Consultant?

What is a Dog Behavioural Consultant?
Dog Behavioural Consultant’s help dogs in a very holistic way. We look at the environment, the people and other animals that your dog is interacting with, as well as the particular set of circumstances you are facing. [Read More…]

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