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Dog Behaviour. Dog Training. Noise Aversion/Fear of Noises

As part of the noise aversion scenario, it is common for dogs to become sensitive to stimuli that forecast something else. For example, with a dog that is scared of thunder, they have been known to react to the air pressure dropping, which leads to the wind getting up, which often accompanies thunder. Most markedly, your dog may start to pace and whine when the wind increases. Another example of this concept is when dogs who suffer Separation Anxiety, become anxious when you put your work clothes on ready for work.
Thunder phobia develops most commonly when dogs are around three years of age and often get’s worse as the dog gets older if not treated.

With this reaction -
- Ask for ‘tricks’ to be performed at this ’stressful’ time. The ‘trick’ is what you are praising for, not any reaction.

- Recordings of fireworks and other ’scary’ noises can be played while your dog is doing something fun. I would recommend downloading the ‘Sound Proof Puppy App’ for pets off ITunes or Android. It has been developed by a vet nurse/trainer, with noises that typically can bring about a fear response and comes with detailed instructions for its use. You can reward relaxation/no/less response.
When using a super tasty treat, if your dog is not accepting this treat, he/she is too stressed and the intensity of the noise needs to be decreased.
This process is about weeks of training, amounting to about 10 minutes a day of time with your dog.

- D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)
This is available in different branded products – one being Adaptil from vets and some pet stores. This can be used to reduce anxiety from any source. Dog Appeasing Pheromone is a calming chemical. It is a synthetic version of a pheromone that is produced from the skin of the dog’s mammary glands. It is aimed to be reminiscent of the security of the mother when the dog was a pup. Use constantly, not ‘as needed’.

- I’ve had many clients rave about the Thunderband/Thundershirt - this is a type of vest for your dog that stimulates acupressure points and also the idea being that a constant gentle ‘hug’ can calm an anxious pet’s nervous system (a hug is chemically rewarding). On a hot day you can soak the Thundershirt in water and put it on. The Thunderband/Thundershirt can be bought at most pet stores and some vet clinics.

- Provide a small area, a covered crate if your dog is accustomed to this, for your dog during stressful periods. This area will help make them feel more secure (it is den-like).

Lastly, you must be the strong one.
Don’t act worried about the loud bangs and squeals outside for your dog. I always say with behaviour, ‘You get what you reflect,’ Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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