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Whining can be occurring because of -
- Attention seeking (to get treats, toys etc. from you)
- Excitement - when your dog is greeting you
- Appeasement (wanting to pacify or avoid conflict).
With this, your dogs tail will be often tucked in under their body, which is lowered, with their head down also and eyes averted.
- Separation Anxiety
- Other anxiety or stress. This whining is often involuntary.
- Injury or medical condition causing pain or discomfort.
If you notice your dog whining frequently or suddenly starting, take him or her to the vet to get to the bottom of this.
Appeasement Whining -
This is a normal canine behaviour but it is also good to build your dogs confidence.
Use reward based training as opposed to aversion methods and play fun games. Intimidating your dog will only decrease his or her confidence.
Excitement/Greeting Whining -
Keep greetings as calm and short as possible. Pat your dog only when he or she is less excited. Maybe ask for a ‘Sit’ or another ‘calm behaviour’ to be performed.
Anxious Whining -
It is important that the cause of the anxiety is addressed.
Anxious whining is usually accompanied by other nervous behaviours such as pacing, circling and licking. The anxious dog seems to have trouble controlling their whining.
Attention-Seeking Whining -
Are you inadvertently reinforcing this?
Any attention is encouraging the behaviour (eye contact, touch - patting, talking - growling included. As well; letting your dog out of their crate when whining, or you coming back through the door when your dog is being noisy, it’s like, “Hey you! You’ve come to say hello!!!” (Or letting them in).
Instead, turn around away or completely ignore your dog. Teach them that they must be quiet before they get any attention, treats or have any playtime,
Selina McIntyre, Dog Behavioural Consultant & Dog Trainer, Dogs Best Friend.

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